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Material Selection


Our products are optionally available manufactured in Polypropylene, Acetal and Kynar PVDF.


We suggest material selection be based upon compatibility with the applications environment. Pressure, temperature and chemistry will be important factors. Generally speaking polypropylene and kynar PVDF are suited to water based solutions. Acetal is suggested in hydrocarbon applications such as petrol and oil.


Identifying our products


Our polypropylene products are coloured grey, black or blue. 10% glass fibres are added to improve performance at low temperatures.


Acetal products are coloured red and characterised by their toughness and shiny appearance. When strength and resilience are important, acetal may be the best choice. It is compatible with many solvents and will handle alkaline water based solutions over a wide temperature range. 


Kynar PVDF is a light tan colour and has excellent compatibility in many corrosive environments. PVDF is a high density material which may limit its application in low specific gravity liquids.


Often the materials used for other parts of your system will suggest an acceptable selection of our products ,i.e. if your tank, pump or valves are made of polypropylene then a polypropylene switch should be acceptable as well.


Ancillary components


Springs are Titanium or T-316 stainless steel depending upon the product selected. O rings are viton rubber. 


Chemical Compatibility


It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the switches and materials selected are compatible with the environment of intended use. We would highly recommend the customer trials our products in the said environment before use.


OUR CHEMICAL COMPATIBILITY CHART is a useful tool for selecting materials for use within a chemical environment.











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